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Wow, what a successful year for all 2021 was.  Even with the supply chain issues causing disruptions in our daily routines, we have found ways to please our customers.  For VOWRA our spring trainings and conference were very successful.  We added some new board members and I look forward to having them help us continue to grow.  In 2022 we are adding a couple of spring trainings and changing up some of our normal content to try and make classes more real-world everyday education, and our conference will be back at the Hotel Roanoke, this fall.  With the Virginia legislative season upon us please stay tuned to the website where we will keep up to date information on any legislation that will have an effect on our industry.  As always thank you for supporting VOWRA and I look forward to a strong successful 2022.   If you have questions or ideas for VOWRA please feel free to contact us at

Scott Currie


Recent News

Changes to the Board for Contractors Licenses with an SDS Speciality

VOWRA's Scholarship Program

VDH has a job posting for a Technical Services Engineer for the onsite services and private well program. 
Link to Posting

VDH COVID-19 Guidance for OSS Providers

VDH CODIV-19 Business Guidance Document

Real Estate Inspections Bill
Thank you Delegate Keith Hodges for sponsoring this bill.  It has been a long time coming, and VOWRA started working on the process five years ago with our training power point presentations to Realtors on what we believe should constitute a proper inspection of onsite sewage treatment systems for home sale.  Without the Realtor Associations being onboard, this Bill as proposed would never pass ... We have some wordsmithing to do yet in committee, but our Legislative Committee of Curtis Moore and Trapper Davis are on top of it. 
Click here to review HB1266

VDH Reminder Letter to AOSS Owners

VEHA is offering $500 scholarships toward degrees in envionmental health
For more information, click here

Below is a link to HB 558 outlining how VDH would move toward privatization.

NOWRA Makes Progress in Efforts to Gain Greater Congressional Support for the Onsite Wastewater Industry! 
Click here for full article.



Renew your license

"What to Know when Buying a Home with a Well and Septic System" video.

Town Hall Meeting Notices
 (Select Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation then under that select Board for Waterworks and Wastewater Works Operators and Onsite Sewage System Professionals to see meetings that affect our industry.)

Watch NOWRA's Testimony Before House Appropriations Subcomittee

EPA Technology Fact Sheets
 (A wealth of information regarding all things onsite.)

Design Guidance (Advanced Onsite Wastewater System Design.)

Homeowner's Folders (Information specifically for homeowners of onsite systems.)

NOWRA White Papers (Useful information regarding water softeners, pharmaceuticals, community wastewater treatment, etc.)

VDH O & M Reporting Website Update

For information about how to conserve water and use it more efficiently, visit the National Environmental Services Center page devoted to the topic: