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VOWRA Group Membership Program

Program Description:
This program is designed to offer businesses (and other organizations) a more economical route for a
larger number of their employees/associates/members to be involved in VOWRA. The Group
Membership Program allows for one Regular VOWRA member per business (or Organization) and for
multiple Affiliate members who are associated with that “Group”. The one regular member will enjoy all
the benefits of VOWRA and NOWRA memberships.The affiliate members will receive the benefits of
being a VOWRA member with the exception of voting rights. Affiliate group members will not receive
those benefits associated with being a NOWRA member.

Benefits of the Program:
Reduction in membership costs over regular membership fees for 5 participants.
No specific name designation to associate members allowing the rotation of up to 5 individuals
for any single VOWRA event at the member rate.  
Companies/Organizations can add additional associate members at a fee less than the annual individual dues.
One membership renewal invoice per year in November.

Program Costs:
The Group Membership is $425 per year and includes 1 VOWRA/NOWRA Membership and 4
Associate VOWRA Memberships.
Additional VOWRA Associate Memberships are $55 per year.

Joining this Program:
Choose the disignated individual and the 4 associates.
Complete the application form and included the names of the designated individual and the 4
Associates and mail or fax to VOWRA, 900 Waterton Street, Staunton, VA 24401, 540-885-8501.
The form can also be emailed to

All Group Memberships will run with the calendar year with a renewal date of June 30th and are pro-rated accordingly.