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What is VOWRA?
VOWRA, the “Virginia Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association”, is the Virginia organization representing all aspects of the planning, design, construction and operation of septic systems and alternative septic systems, also known as “Onsite Wastewater Systems”.   VOWRA membership includes septic system installation contractors, pumpers and operators.  VOWRA membership also includes site evaluators, designers, manufacturers and Virginia Department of Health professionals, all working together to promote the best practices and policies for better public health and environmental health for all of Virginia. 
VOWRA provides the best web based directory of Virginia professionals providing services to the residents of the commonwealth.  Use our “Find a Septic Pro” search function to find practitioners near your city.  VOWRA provides education throughout the state offering full day classes on Design, Installation and operation for all types of onsite conventional and alternative systems.
VOWRA is affiliated with NOWRA, the “National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association”.  NOWRA provides technical and educational support and our linkage to national experts, agencies and groups who influence the onsite wastewater industry.  


Recent News

VOWRA's 2014 Conference Registration forms are now available. Click here for more information. 

The conference room rate expires October 19th, so please make your hotel reservations as soon as possible in order to receive the best rate. You will need to request the Virginia Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association room rate when making your reservations.


VOWRA’s Education Program

VOWRA has an extensive education program covering all of the specialty aspects of onsite wastewater design, installation and operation.  VOWRA regularly presents full and half day seminars

Covering the basics of septic system installation, septic and alternative system operation plus all the related topics across the commonwealth.  VOWRA brings in national experts, typically through our affiliation with NOWRA, to present for example an A-Z course that describes all types of conventional septic system designs and alternative systems for application in Virginia.

Seminars are presented in different regions of the Commonwealth to bring this information to our membership so they are not forced to drive across the state to participate.  If any of our membership sees the need for a topic to be presented in a specific area please contact the Association Administrator at the address below.

VOWRA will be offering several courses in 2014 covering exam preparation to achieve a permanent Operators license.   We will be mixing in other CPE qualified sessions covering design and installation activities.  Our annual conference typically held late in the year in October or November offers exposure to manufacturers’ exhibits plus a variety of presentations from educators, septic contractors, health department personnel, academics and other expert interested parties.

VOWRA attempts to help our members be informed about other educational resources. Links through this web site will take you to programs that other states provide plus information from national agencies and organizations who have an interest in septic system sustainability. 

All active members are listed in the directory.


EPA Technology Fact Sheets (A wealth of information regarding all things onsite.)

Design Guidance (Advanced Onsite Wastewater System Design.)

Homeowner's Folders (Information specifically for homeowners of onsite systems.)

NOWRA White Papers (Useful information regarding water softeners, pharmaceuticals, community wastewater treatment, etc.)

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