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The town of Pamplin is seeking a WWTP Operator.
The operator will manage the Town's Waste Water Treatment Plant to include; associating low pressure collection piping and pump system. The Treatment Plant is designated as an AOSS (Alternative Onsite Operational System) built by the Fluidyne Corporation. Treated waste water is discharged into a ground drainfield. The Operator will be required to have or obtain an AOSS license and a DPOR (Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulatory) Permit. The applicant selected for this position will be given the opportunity to either possess these qualifications or train to obtain at the Town's expense. Salary and other details will be provided at the employment interview. Base Salary will be adjusted as these qualifications are met. There is a detailed job description available at the Town Office for your review.
For more information please contact:
William Horton, 434-258-6789 or,
Robert Mitchell, 434-547-9060


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